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Tracks AIHR annual conference 2019 ‘Local Food for Vital Regions: Facts and Myths’

Day 1 (Tuesday the 26th of March)

11.30 hrs. - 13.00 hrs. 

Track one: Local food between gain & altruistic values (meeting room 9 + 11 Stenden Hotel)

Track two: Food for vital regions (meeting room 6 Stenden Hotel)

15.50 hrs. - 17.20 hrs. 

Track three: Local food from a critical lens (meeting room 9 + 11 Stenden Hotel)

Track four: Local beverages (meeting room 6 Stenden Hotel)

Day 2 (Wednesday the 27th of March)

11.00 hrs. - 12.45 hrs. 

Track five: The future of Local Food (ETFI) (meeting room 9 + 11 Stenden Hotel)

Track six: Proef Lokaal! /Taste Local! A project for restaurateurs in Oosterwolde (The Netherlands) 
(room 0.39 Stenden building)