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Dr. Sjoerd Gehrels, Professor of Applied Sciences in Innovation in Hospitality

What will be the future of hospitality? That is the key question being researched by the Innovation in Hospitality research group. The hospitality industry is an increasingly important source of income for countries, regions and cities, and provides many jobs. Hospitality is therefore an important phenomenon for the future. But the hospitality sector is subject to change. Old values die out and both customers and employees expect ever higher quality and greater diversity. An insight into the future is essential in order to respond to these demands. Consequently, the research group is conducting real world oriented research that will assist businesses in the hospitality sector to determine policy and implement innovations.
Dr. Sjoerd Gehrels
For ten years, Sjoerd Gehrels worked in the hospitality business as a sommelier, and operations manager in Michelin star restaurants. In 1989, he switched to the field of education and started working at Stenden University, where he teaches at the Hotel Management School and is Course Leader for the Master Degree programme International Hospitality & Service Management. After Gehrels completed his business degree, he obtained the titles Master of Science (MSc., University of Surrey, 1999) and Master of Business Administration (MBA, Oxford Brookes University, 2004). He obtained his Doctorate in 2013 at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom. He is currently doing Post-Doctorate research in the field of hospitality Management at the University of Algarve (Portugal), with an emphasis on diversity and value creation. Gehrels is co-editor of the research journal Research in Hospitality Management Journal, editorial council member at the European Journal of Tourism Research, and works as external examiner for universities in England and Ireland.

Dr. Sjoerd Gehrels was inaugurated as a Professor of Applied Sciences in Innovation in Hospitality on April 28, 2015. Read his inaugural speech 'Innovation in Hospitality'.

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