AIHR poster presentations - 20 April 2022
  • 20 april 2022 - 20 april 2022

On Wednesday 20th April 2022 AIHR organised a poster presentation day to showcase proposed, in-progress and completed research. Posters were submitted by Hotel Management School staff and Masters students, but also from researchers in Australia and New Zealand. The day was a great opportunity for researchers to share what they are working on, and for staff and students from across NHL Stenden University to see research in progress. We look forward to repeating this very useful exercise. If anyone is interested in having more information or running a poster day themselves, feel free to get in touch. 

These posters were presented on the day:

Campfires as a tool for learning about Hostmanship
Covid-19 and Financial Practices in the New Zealand Hotel Industry
Covid-19 and Health & Safety in the New Zealand Hotel Industry
Covid-19 and Managing People in the New Zealand Hotel Industry
Covid-19 and the Future for the New Zealand Hotel Industry
Creating friendships through interactions between hosts and guests leads to competative advantage
Design Based Learning Study (DBLS) Moving to a Design Based Education
Exploring cultural factors in the youtube video content of micro-influencers
Exploring group polarisation in social media communities
Giving voice to Australian professional tour guides
Human Trafficking the role of the Hospitality Industry in recognizing crimes against humanity
Individual Values, Attitudes & Behavior towards A Sustainable Dining Diet Pattern-Vegetarian
Knit, natter and beyond…
Meaningfull communication - professorship organisations and social media
Plastic in Hospitality and Tourism_A Global Problem with Local Solutions
Tasteful & sustainable, Dutch wine is unique
The Future of Hospitality Jobs – Attracting and Retaining Talent
The Impact of Design Thinkingin Hospitality Education
Wander Wait Wonder Anthropological Participant Observation in Hospitality Education
Welcoming volunteers in(to) an organization takes more than a friendly face