AIHR’s contribution to the Tourism Naturally Conference (Buxton, UK)
  • publication: 11 June 2019

AIHR’s contribution to the Tourism Naturally Conference (Buxton, UK)

On June 4th-6th the Tourism Naturally Conference (TNC) was held in Buxton.

The TNC conference was organized by the University of Derby in partnership with the Colorado State Univeristy (USA), the University of Pisa (Italy), Central China Normal Univeristy and the Univeristy of Sunderland (UK). 100 delegates from 30 countries joined the conference. An innovative feature of the TNC was offering keynotes from both academics and professionals.

Simona Staffieri and professor Elena Cavagnaro delivered a keynote highlighting the main outcomes of seven year of research on Generation Y. They addressed three main questions: are GY inspired to travel by nature related values and motivations? After a travel experience, do they report to be changed not only in their relation with themselves and others, but also in their relation with nature? And: are segments of GY tourists open to a sustainable tourism offer?

The presentation was very well received. Possibly the best compliment was given by two German colleagues who said that, judging by the title, they were prepared for 'the usual GY crap' but that they had to profoundly review their first assessment after listening to our 'holistic research design, well performed complex analyses and insightful results'.

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