factsheet - De Friese Doorlopers KIEM hbo Project
  • publication: 1 June 2021

The KIEM hbo Project Circular Hospitality in Friesland - De Friese Doorlopers - lead by the Professorship of Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism in collaboration with a core group of Frisian frontrunner entrepreneurs aims at exploring opportunities and applications of the Circular Economy in the Frisian Hospitality and Tourism sector.

During the project, we organized four Focus Group, each Focus Group was dedicated to a specific theme, respectively: Circular Plastic, Coffee Ground & Orange Peels upcycling, Circular Water, and a New Storytelling for Friesland. The Focus Group of the 8th of March 2021 focused on the theme water.

During this Focus Group the different opportunities to reduce water consumption and to reuse (grey) water were discussed. Entrepreneurs, academic experts, and professionals joined the forces to discuss the opportunities and constrains the Frisian tourism and hospitality sector has the reduce water consumption and reuse (grey)water.

The Focus Group was really inspiring and fruitful. Many opportunities were identified. It also became evident that for entrepreneurs it is very hard getting a clear overview of all the different opportunities and having access to info and details about them. Therefore, the organization Circulair Friesland and the De Friese Doorlopers group - in the person of Erik Peelen, Junior Project Assistant - worked together to elaborate “TRIAS Aqua” factsheet. This factsheet collects and presents a selection of key available opportunities to reduce water consumption, reuse rainwater, and reuse wastewater/grey water. The ‘inspirational’ TRIAS Aqua factsheet provides entrepreneurs with a useful set of info and links to start implementing a more circular and sustainable approach to water consumption.

At the moment the Factsheet is only available in Dutch. We hope to develop soon an English version.

Erik Peelen - Junior Project Assistant

Lucia Tomassini - Project Leader