Conference on E-learning teaching models: comparisons and experiences
  • publication: 15 March 2021

Conference on E-learning teaching models: comparisons and experiences



On Tuesday 9th of February Dr. Radu Mihailescu participated at the second 2° Unitelma Sapienza University Conference  : E-learning teaching models comparisons and experiences.The event is initiated and promoted by prof. Antonello Folco Biagini the  Rector of Unitelma Sapienza and  Professor Emeritus at Sapienza University of Rome.

The online Conference consisted of a set of round table presentations and discussions regarding the formative approach, methods and tools used in digital didactics, student engagement and choice of online technological platforms. Participants to the conference included: Sergio di Ferra, Brasenose College - University of Oxford; Professor Albert Sangra, Open University of Catalonia; Prof. Paolo Taticchi, University College London and Nadia Sansone and Gaetano Tieri  from Unitelma Sapienza.



The presentation by Radu Mihailescu focused on a number of opportunities and pitfalls associated with E-learning and online teaching based on the current experience drawn from co-ordinating and teaching courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

The discussion further covered an number of interesting outcomes regarding the future combined e-learning and traditional teaching methods, the influence of virtual reality on teaching and the usage of adequate platforms in online teaching. A video of  the conference proceedings is available online on the YouTube channel of Unitelma Sapienza