Dr Rumi Haywantee Ramkissoon visits AIHR and Stenden master program
  • publication: 8 March 2018

Dr Rumi Haywantee Ramkissoon visits AIHR and Stenden master program

From February 13th till February 23rd Dr Rumi Haywantee Ramikssoon visited Stenden Hotel Management School.

Dr Rumi Haywantee Ramkissoon is an Associate Professor at the School of Marketing, Curtin Business School. Rumi receives the prestigious global 2017 Emerging Scholar of Distinction award from the 'International Academy for the study of Tourism' for her substantial contribution to ground breaking and innovative research in tourism. Rumi holds 2 doctoral degrees in Tourism and Applied Environmental Psychology, a Master of Science in Tourism, Conservation & Sustainable Development, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. Her postdoctoral experience relates to place attachment, sustainable tourism and societal innovation and behavior change on the Australian Government Corporate Research Center for Water Sensitive Cities program. Prior to joining Curtin University, Rumi has been involved in both teaching and research roles at Monash University, University of Technology, Mauritius and University of Mauritius. She has been a visiting scholar/professor at Virginia Tech University, Texas A&M, University of South Carolina in USA, University of Bologna, Italy, and in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rumi serves as research note editor for the Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management and is the book review editor for Current Issues in Tourism. She serves on the editorial board of 15 top-tier journals in her field. She is a reviewer for more than 35 peer-reviewed journals including several high category tourism, hospitality, natural resource management, environmental management and behavioral science journals. Rumi has over 75 publications in reputable peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, co-edited special issues, conference reviews, book reviews, conference proceedings and technical reports. Her research has been published in leading journals in tourism and hospitality such as Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Analysis, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research. (Source: https://staffportal.curtin.edu.au/staff/profile/view/Haywantee.Ramkissoon).

Rumi met with Elena Cavagnaro (AIHR professor of sustainability in hospitality and tourism) at the ICGTS conference in Lagos, Portugal, in 2016. They were attracted to each other by their common interest in sustainable tourism. Already during the conference they planned for a visit of Rumi to Leeuwarden, taking advantage of the fact that Rumi is involved in a project with the Italian city of Naples.

Alongside meeting with researchers from AIHR and ETFI, Rumi has delivered two guest lectures for students from the (part time and full time) NHL Stenden master programs in International Hospitality and Service Management and in International Leisure and Tourism Studies (see photos). She introduced to them her research on Lux*, an upscale resort that has proven that hospitality at the highest level can be combined with social and environmental responsibility.

Elena Cavagnaro