Multi-stakeholder city walk and a new terrace policy
  • publication: 18 September 2017

Multi-stakeholder city walk and a new terrace policy.

Leeuwarden 21 June, when the weather was still fine, Elena Cavagnaro and Niels van Felius joined a city walk and panel discussion about the new terrace policy of the municipality of Leeuwarden. This happening was organised by the municipality where they invited different stakeholders like local politicians, hospitality entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, and inhabitants of the city centre. During the tour, Elena gave short examples how behaviour of guests and shoppers can be influenced by for example the terrace setup, or how noise from the terrace can be reduced by using certain types of sunscreens. A town planner explained in detail the rules that are applicable for terraces.

During the discussion in the municipality building, where representatives of all stakeholder groups participated, one agreed that they would like clear general rules, good control, but still tailor made solutions for the different locations. A suggestion by Elena to work with a ’stop-light’ system was well received. In the proposed system, red highlights a location where regulations on e.g. the space occupied by a terrace have to be very strictly followed because otherwise the surrounding shops cannot be supplied; green on the contrary means that no other businesses are affected by (minor) changes in the terrace setting and that therefore laws and regulations can be less strictly applied. In particular, Boukje de Vries - owner of Paddy O’ Ryan - was very enthusiastic about the idea. To be continued…