Professional Doctorate
  • publication: 16 June 2022

Professional Doctorate


On June 14, 2022, the Dutch Ministry of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf presented the Professional Doctorate during a congress of the Vereniging Hogescholen, the overall organization of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences.


The Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) will start their own doctoral program in early 2023. The PD enables a continuous learning path from associate degree and bachelor via master to doctorate in applied sciences. An important addition, because now UAS master's students can only go to a research university for a doctoral track. The new professional doctorate is of an equivalent level to a university PhD, but has a different character and another internationally recognized title: PD.


One of the pilot domains for the PD is Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality.

NHL Stenden HMS professor Elena Cavagnaro has been and is still involved in the development. She observes:

“The PD is a new, very ambitious step in Dutch higher education. There is a lot of interest for the PD both from lecturers at UAS and the hospitality sector. I am very excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to support PD candidates”.


Elena also adds: “More information on the PD in the Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality can be found on the LTH PD website:


For more information (in Ducth):