Stenden/NHL CO2 compensation award
  • publication: 9 March 2017

Today, at the sustainable entrepreneurship morning, the winners of the Stenden/NHL CO2 compensation award were announced. Two ideas of students were pitched at the conference.


The award was won by Simukai Gozo, Sanda Ntayiya, Sabbas Lukumbuzya, and Alexandria Zotescu (students of the Masters of International Leisure and Tourism Studies, and the Masters of International Hospitality and Service Management of Stenden). They will be offered an organic lunch, and their plan will be carried out at Stenden and the NHL. Most importantly: they will get eternal fame!

What is their idea? To install special floortiles which generate energy when you walk over them. It is an energy saving plan, with all students and staff participating. The jury was impressed by the solid way in which the plan was presented, and by the application of a triple bottom line approach to the calculation of costs and revenues of this sustainable investment.