Visit to Dania Academy in Denmark by prof. Erwin Losekoot
  • publication: 29 april 2022

Visit to Dania Academy in Denmark

Last week I was in Denmark at Dania Academy in Randers ( The staff and students of Dania visited us last year in Leeuwarden. I taught a day of research methods to final year BA students and also ran a workshop on research and publishing for staff as part of their 'Knowledge Salon' day. We discussed possible research collaborations between staff and also working together to apply for regional projects through Interreg and Erasmus funding. I shared some of the posters submitted to the AIHR Research Poster Day to show them what research can look like and they came up with a number of ideas on the basis of your posters - thank you all! I was also taken to the offices of an amazing small start-up company called DigitalGuest ( which aims to remove all the paperwork that clutters up a hotel room and provide guests with a seamless pre/during/post staff experience through their mobile devices. I have been put in touch with their Netherlands area manager (a BUas graduate) based in Rotterdam and will make contact to invite him up to Leeuwarden to talk about guest experience, technology and data analytics.

Erwin Losekoot


  1. Dania Academy campus, Randers, Denmark


Some of the  DigitalGuest team in Aarhus Denmark