Dr. Hanneke Assen, Associate Professor in Design Based Hospitality Education

Dr. Hanneke Assen, Associate Professor of Applied Sciences in Design Based Hospitality Education


Hanneke Assen was born in Avereest, The Netherlands. In 1989 she graduated from the Stichting Lerarenopleiding Ubbo Emmius with a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences and in 1992 in Business Economics.  In 1994, she started as a Senior Lecturer Business Economics at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and encountered problem-based learning (PBL) a learner-oriented approach to teaching and learning. As a lecturer she noticed that she and other teachers, even after more than 25 years of experiences as PBL tutors, struggle with developing and applying pedagogical-didactical strategies to support students’ self-directed, constructive and collaborative learning processes. This insight became the starting point for her Masters study, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and post-doctoral research.

She completed her Master in Learning and Innovation in 2011. Her Master thesis focused on the dialogue in education. She graduated cum laude. This master thesis can be seen as the groundwork for her PhD research and post-doctoral research.  She completed her PhD with the title “From a teacher- to a learner-oriented approach to teaching. The role of teachers’ collective learning processes" in 2018. After her PhD, she started with the post-doctoral research with the title "Activators for Change: Moving to Design Based Education".

The Associate Professorship Design Based Hospitality Education is one of the research lines of the professorship Hospitality Studies. In addition, the associate professor is a member of the research group of the professorship Design Based Education.

CV Associate Professor Dr. Hanneke Assen

Research Group members:

Dr. Marte Rinck de Boer

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