Dr. Elena Cavagnaro, Professor of Applied Sciences Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism

Elena Cavagnaro was born in 1963 in Rome, Italy. She studied classical philosophy in Rome and Naples, and later at the VU University in Amsterdam. There, she got her doctoral degree in 1996. Her philosophical background turned out to be a good basis for her career at Stenden University. In 1997, she started there as a teacher of (business) ethics at the Retail Business School. During this time, she started her research into sustainable entrepreneurship in the service industries. From 1999 to 2008, she worked on developing the Master of Arts in International Retail Management. In 2004, Cavagnaro was appointed lecturer in Service Studies. In addition, she teaches sustainable development and leadership at Stenden. Together with George Curiel, Cavagnaro authored the book 'The Three Levels of Sustainability'. It was published in 2012 and became a bestseller. The vision of sustainability described by the authors in this work is at the basis of the lectureship's research.
Inauguration speech
At her appointment as lecturer in 2004, Cavagnaro gave an inauguration speech (pdf).
CV Professor Dr. Elena Cavagnaro
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