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Looking back at AIHR 2019 conference topical theme of ‘local food’

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Hotel Yearbook Special Edition – Sustainable Hospitality 2020– Ready for Free Download

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Tourism Naturally 2019- CFP and Invited Keynote speakers (also Professor Elena Cavagnaro)

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GreenKey day 2019

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Shared research interest AIHR and VNO/NCW Noord results in an award-winning master thesis

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Expanding research for the research group on sustainability in tourism and hospitality

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Journal of Gastronomy supports the AIHR 2019 conference ‘Local food for vital regions'

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27th Nordic Symposium in Alta - Tourism Dilemmas Implications and Dilemmas

30 oktober 2018 Read more

Call for abstracts: AIHR Guests on Earth conference on ‘Local Food for Vital Regions’

5 oktober 2018 Read more

Erwin Losekoot new professor Hospitality Studies at the AIHR

3 september 2018 Read more

What does it takes for a hotel to be sustainable? Stenden Hotel Management School has the answer!

24 augustus 2018 Read more

Sustainability Research Rebooted

11 juni 2018 Read more

Best Paper award for Professor Conrad Lashley

5 juni 2018 Read more

New publication: Sustainable Value Creation in Hospitality: Guests on Earth

5 juni 2018 Read more

New article in the ‘Guests on earth, sustainability in hospitality’ research line by Elena Cavagnaro

6 march 2018 Read more

Hotel Yearbook 2018 Sustainable Hospitality Now Released!

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