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THE-INC 2020 Conference Covid-19 virus update

20 March 2020 Read more

Anthropological Participant Observation in Undergraduate Hospitality Trainee ship

6 March 2020 Read more

Conference report on CAUTHE 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand

24 februari 2020 Read more

Recently published book chapters by AIHR members

23 January 2020 Read more

AIHR - Guests on Earth: Circularity in Hotels

23 January 2020 Read more

AIHR congratulates ‘Blooming Hotels’ with the winning of the ‘Gaia Green Award’.

20 January 2020 Read more

Call for Papers Special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism

20 January 2020 Read more

Prof. Cathy Hsu appointed as new Chief Editor of Tourism Management journal.

6 January 2020 Read more

Research in Hospitality Management 9(2) is available online

16 december 2019 Read more

2020 CEO PANEL on Sustainability

16 december 2019 Read more

What Are Hotels Currently Doing on YouTube and What More Could Be Done?

16 december 2019 Read more

Leeuwarder Leeuwtje award for Baukje de Vries - AIHR Board of Commitment member

9 december 2019 Read more

International conference on tourism dymics and trends - Dr. Radu Mihailescu

6 december 2019 Read more

Publication Tjeerd Zandberg in the journal Social Network Analysis and Mining

29 November 2019 Read more

28th Nordic Symposium in Roskilde, Denmark

27 November 2019 Read more

call for papers: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development

20 November 2019 Read more

Report visit 2019 Nordic Symposium in Roskilde Denmark

13 November 2019 Read more


17 October 2019 Read more

Reflections from the International Congress Qualitative Inquiry University of Illinois

8 October 2019 Read more

World Panel on Sustainability in Hospitality has been launched!

1 October 2019 Read more

The Ken Hom - Lee Kum Kee Scholarship

24 September 2019 Read more

Discovering the Vegotel: a pioneer B&B committed to sustainability

19 September 2019 Read more

CELTH announces to invest one million euro in research on responsible and sustainable destinations

19 September 2019 Read more

AIHR is pleased to welcome Dr Lucia Tomassini

6 September 2019 Read more

Weaving learning into hospitality operations

28 augustus 2019 Read more

AIHR report - NGF Symposium on Nudging to Enhanche Fruit and Vegetables Consumption

28 June 2019 Read more

Beeronomics Conference 2019, Pilsen, Czech Republic

27 June 2019 Read more

NHL Stenden Lecturers are welcomed at Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam

24 June 2019 Read more

AIHR’s contribution to the Tourism Naturally Conference (Buxton, UK)

11 June 2019 Read more


7 June 2019 Read more

Chinese edition of the Three Levels of Sustainability book authored by E. Cavagnaro and G.H. Curiel

3 June 2019 Read more

Hospitality in hospitals – interview with Prof. Erwin Losekoot for Leeuwarder Courant

28 May 2019 Read more

Reducing waste is a mind-set – interview Prof. Elena Cavagnaro for the Leeuwarder Courant

28 May 2019 Read more

CHME 2019 Research conference, Greenwich, UK

24 May 2019 Read more

Looking back at AIHR 2019 conference topical theme of ‘local food’

5 april 2019 Read more

Hotel Yearbook Special Edition – Sustainable Hospitality 2020– Ready for Free Download

12 March 2019 Read more

Tourism Naturally 2019- CFP and Invited Keynote speakers (also Professor Elena Cavagnaro)

8 March 2019 Read more

GreenKey day 2019

1 March 2019 Read more