Tourism, sustainability, and young travelers

6 December 2022 Read more

On our way to climate neutral tourism - NBTC Tourism Top, Almere 26 September 2022

8 November 2022 Read more

the second edition of the book 'The Three Levels of Sustainability' is published

19 augustus 2022 Read more

New book published on the passenger experience of air travel

2 augustus 2022 Read more

Sustainability Research Agenda for Leisure, Tourism, and Hospitality

14 July 2022 Read more

the RIF Program Gastvrij Fyslân (Regional Investment Fund Program Hospitality Friesland)

28 June 2022 Read more

Rethinking the space of tourism, its power geomtries, and spatial justice

27 June 2022 Read more

Professional Doctorate

16 June 2022 Read more

3rd International Hospitality Research Symposium (9-10 May 2022)

13 June 2022 Read more

Inaugural Professorial Lecture Elena Cavagnaro

8 June 2022 Read more

Commentary use of Facebook to understand marine mammal stranding issues in Southeast Asia

31 May 2022 Read more

HMS to host CHME 2023 in Leeuwarden in May 2023

19 May 2022 Read more

Visit to Dania Academy in Denmark by prof. Erwin Losekoot

29 april 2022 Read more

‘NBTC live’ on April 19, 2022 - a brief report

25 april 2022 Read more

Dr Assen: article Teachers’ collective learning

8 april 2022 Read more

Invitation from the University of Sunderland: Inaugural lecture Elena Cavagnaro

15 March 2022 Read more

Invitation to participate to the online ITB in Berlin

2 March 2022 Read more

North Sea Sustainable Innovation Challenge

1 March 2022 Read more

AIHR new publication: Women and Leisure in the Italian Context

28 January 2022 Read more