new publication in Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies/Revue canadienne d’études néerlandaises

6 September 2021 Read more

Paper 'Organisational Effectiveness for Ethical Tourism Action' in Journal of Sustainabile Tourism

3 September 2021 Read more

Circular Hospitality in Friesland & De Friese Doorlopers Community: Outcomes of the first year

7 July 2021 Read more

Invitation book launch: Tourism Destinations in a Post Pandemic Context

8 June 2021 Read more

Social Mobility Goes on Holiday Tourist Im|mobilities, Conflicts and Empowerment

8 June 2021 Read more

factsheet - De Friese Doorlopers KIEM hbo Project

1 June 2021 Read more

New Hospitality and Healthcare research partnership

1 June 2021 Read more

STOP.p.s.: Stop Plastic Soup in Hospitality and Tourism

9 april 2021 Read more

Webinar on Circular Hotel Procurement organized by MVO Nederland for the hospitality sector on Bali

9 april 2021 Read more

Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research 2021

22 March 2021 Read more

Conference on E-learning teaching models: comparisons and experiences

15 March 2021 Read more

Presentation at the 6th Turin Centre on Emerging economies Workshop by Juliet Chipumuro

21 January 2021 Read more

paper 'Global citizenship & parrhesia in small values-based tourism firms'

21 January 2021 Read more

AIHR new publications

5 January 2021 Read more