About us

The Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) is the research unit of the Hotel Management School at NHL Stenden. With campuses in the Netherlands, Qatar, South-Africa, Bali and Thailand, the Hotel management School at NHL Stenden is probably the largest and most cosmopolitan hotel school in the world. This profile and position of Stenden HMS offers AIHR a truly international platform for doing research. The AIHR synthesizes the activities of the two Professorships (lectorates) of the Hotel Management School at NHL Stenden in order to make them stronger than they independently could be.

The two Professorships of Applied Sciences of the Hotel Management School at NHL Stenden are:
(1) Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism - Dr. Elena Cavagnaro; Professor (of Applied Sciences)
(2) Hospitality Studies - Dr. Erwin Losekoot; Professor (of Applied Sciences)

The research findings of the AIHR are intended to have an impact on the hospitality industry and to contribute to improving education in hospitality. Therefore, the AIHR is closely connected to the industry to ensure that its research addresses industry needs. Staff and students are involved and encouraged to do research that is relevant to the designated fields. This ensures the research lines are embedded in the curriculum. We refer to this approach as Professional Research.

Research outputs
AIHR members are active researchers who carry out research projects, present at conferences and have their research published in academic journals and books. This link summarises the research outputs of AIHR members since the last research unit audit in 2018.