3rd International Hospitality Research Symposium (9-10 May 2022)
  • publication: 13 June 2022

3rd International Hospitality Research Symposium (9-10 May 2022).

Hanneke Assen and Erwin Losekoot travelled to the Amsterdam campus of The Hague Hotelschool (HTH) for the 3rd International Hospitality Research Symposium with the conference theme 'Impact'. We presented a paper based on research of Hanneke Assen, Erwin Losekoot, Latifa Benhadda and Migchiel van Diggelen entitled 'The impact of Design Based Hospitality Education: Lessons learned and future opportunities'. The paper presentation followed one by Jeroen Oskam of HTH in which he described what they were planning to do in terms of design based research. We were able to build on his presentation and able to share and explain the findings of our study - what happens when you do it! There were many other familiar faces at the conference - our very own Hossam Haggag was the moderator for our sessions, we met with several of our part-time MIHSM students who are staff at HTH, Prof. Marianna Sigala was a Keynote speaker, and Prof. Perry Hobson who has recently taken over as Academy Director at BUAS will be coming up to Leeuwarden to discuss future research collaborations. The conference emphasised that research much be relevant and add value, and not just be academics talking to each other, and the importance of moving from informative to an engagement approach to research!

Assen, H., Losekoot, E., Benhadda, L., & van Diggelen, M. (2022). The impact of Design Based Hospitality Education. Paper presented at the Hotelschool The Hague Hospitality Research Symposium 2022: Impact. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (9-10 June).