call for papers: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development
  • publication: 20 November 2019

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Call for Papers


Tourism Planning and Development journal
Special Issue Theme: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development

 The special issue is supported by the International Conference (THE INC 2020) “Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in Tourism, Hospitality and Events”, which will be held from 9th till 11th June 2020 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. For more information about the conference please visit:


Guest Editors

Professor Elena Cavagnaro

NHL Stenden University, Netherlands



Dr Eleni Michopoulou

University of Derby, Buxton, United Kingdom





Dr Nikolaos Pappas

University of Sunderland, United Kingdom



Tourism is susceptible to uncertainty and incidents that can directly impact the supply and demand of its discretionary products and services. Nowadays, consumer experience in both, enterprises and destinations is more important than ever as the sector has become globalised, reached maturity and became highly competitive. The pathway to success (or failure) lies on the overall satisfaction of visitors and tourists, which heavily depends on perceived value; a concept that can be co-created or co-destroyed by the very interaction between all social actors and stakeholders involved (including customers and businesses, at the very least). Thus, perspectives and research from different scientific fields and disciplines are highly important for the understanding of this evolutionary process as well as the co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development.

This special issue welcomes theoretical, empirical, experimental, and case study research contributions. These contributions should clearly address the theoretical and practical implications of the research in reference. Both conceptual and empirical work are welcome. The proposed topics may include but are not limited to the following:

§  Competitiveness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility

§  Consumer behaviour, decision-making, expectations, experience and satisfaction

§  Cultural, heritage and tourism planning and development studies

§  Demand-supply forecasting, and performance studies

§  Economics and finance

§  Emerging and innovative research methods and methodologies

§  Human resources, equality, diversity, and labour operations

§  Innovation, creativity and change management

§  IT, ICT, e-tourism, and emerging technologies

§  Marketing, advertising, branding and promotional activities

§  Mobilities

§  Policy, planning, and development

§  Psychology, sociology, and social anthropology

§  Training and education

§  Other interdisciplinary areas related to tourism planning and development


Review Process

Each paper submitted for publication consideration is subjected to the standard review process designated by Tourism Planning and Development journal. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-chief along with the guest editors, decisions will be made whether particular submissions will be accepted, revised or rejected.


Submission Guidelines

Please submit the papers to the journal’s online platform at the Special Issue Theme: Revisiting value co-creation and co-destruction in Tourism Development. The submission link is:

Full Paper Submission Deadline: Sunday, 14th March 2020.

Expected Publication Date: Mid or end of 2021.

All papers should follow the submission guidelines of the Tourism Planning and Development journal. For more information please visit:




Dr Nikolaos Pappas

BSc  MSc  PhD  PDoc  FHEA

Reader in Tourism Hospitality & Events

Director of CERTE (Centre for Research in Tourism Excellence)

University of Sunderland

Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Sir Tom Cowie Campus

Room RV219, SR6 0DD

Sunderland, U.K.