Dr. Marte Rinck de Boer, Research lecturer & NHL Stenden Counsellor Research Integrity

Dr. Marte Rinck de Boer, Research lecturer & NHL Stenden Counsellor Research Integrity

My background in the Geisteswissenschaften has a long lasting influence on my research interests and approach to qualitative research. Moreover, I consider myself a critical qualitative researcher.

I obtained a Master (cum laude) in German Studies from the University of Groningen (1986) where I also took the minors Musicology and  Greek and Roman culture and history.

Partly financed with a scholarship obtained from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, I studied at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (Germany) between 1983 till 1986. Here, I wrote a master thesis on the use of the Middle Ages text of Tristan and Isolde in Richard Wagner’s Gesamkunstwerk with the same name. Furthermore, I wrote a second thesis about the role of German short stories in teaching literature in secondary education.

I taught text interpretation at the University of Groningen and was appointed as teacher for German language at the Hotel Management School Leeuwarden in 1987. I feel privileged and proud as well that I was a member of the pioneer team that built up the school from scratch. During these years, I developed my knowledge in the field of social constructivist education, in particular with a focus on Problem-based Learning. I conducted several studies on experiences and perceptions of students and of tutors in PBL

In 2015, I obtained my PhD from the university of Humanistics in Utrecht. I investigated a Dutch school innovation with an anthropology based approach to participant observations informed by the work of social anthropologist Tim Ingold (2013). I identified the hidden forces of utopian and ideological thought in educational innovation, concepts developed by late knowledge sociologist Karl Mannheim in his seminal work Ideology and Utopia (1936) in which he analyses these forces in the construction of society.


I am a member of the AIHR research network formed for and by Research lecturers (RLs) and Stenden HMS teaching staff who are engaged in doing research. My research projects include Problem Based Learning, innovation in education and lifelong learning; human beings and making meaning in organization, emotional and aesthetic labour in Hospitality Industry.

Furthermore, I am interested in Nomadic inquiry and reflexivity in research; in complexity thinking; in the work of the late political theorist Hannah Arendt and the contemporary German sociologist Hartmut Rosa.

Currently, I teach research with a focus on qualitative research at SHMS BA and MA program, and I supervise research project in both programs. Furthermore, I teach and coordinate the research line at the Master Learning and Innovation program of the NHL Stenden academy of Education.

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